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Chapter 69 This Is My Chance!

  • “Thank you for the lunch, Miss Maya.” Christopher thanked Maya.
  • Smiling, Maya said to him, “You’re most welcome! Also, drop the formalities and just call me Maya. Calling me Miss Maya is just too awkward for me.”
  • Although they had pretty much the same personality, Maya was obviously much cuter than that witch, Scarlett. Looking at Maya, who was wearing a white sunhat, Christopher said, “Alright then, Maya. Well, if there isn’t anything else, I will first take my leave.”
  • However, even though he said he was leaving, he didn’t plan to take a single step. Instead, he looked at her expectantly. It was clear that he was expecting her to urge him to stay. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed, and she didn’t say the words he wanted to hear; she merely nodded and agreed with an ‘okay’. With this single word, she said no more.
  • Okay? Just ‘okay’? This shouldn’t be it! According to the usual plot in novels and movies, in cases like this, the female lead will always blush and try to ask the male lead to stay so as to spend more time with him! But now... Am I overthinking this?
  • Seeing how Maya only nodded and didn’t say anything after that, Christopher couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Well, he had to admit that previously, when he heard Maya was going to invite him for a meal, he did feel ripples in his heart. After all, she was willing to risk making the entertainment headlines tomorrow just to dine with him. And in fact, he thought that she was merely using thanking him for starring in ‘Glutton God’ as an excuse, when in reality, she was planning to get to know him better. But seeing her reaction now, it seemed like he was just flattering himself.
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