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Chapter 67 Autodidact

  • After about five minutes, Christopher was starting to feel suffocated by the atmosphere in the room, so he bit the bullet and asked, “Um, Miss Soto, is there anything I should be aware of during the press conference later?”
  • “Oh!” Maya seemed to have been startled when he spoke abruptly. Then, she continued, “No, you only need to answer some questions the reporters might ask you. There’s nothing you need to pay special attention to.”
  • “I see!” He nodded. “Are you close to Chef Sparks, Miss Soto? I’ve never heard her mention you before.” Not wanting to let the atmosphere return to that awkward state, he continued to find topics to talk about.
  • “Scarlett and I are childhood friends. Of course we’re close,” she answered. “She might not have brought me up in front of you, but she has brought you up in front of me many times. She even said…” Suddenly, a thought occurred to her, and she giggled with a hand over her mouth.
  • What the hell is that supposed to mean? Why is she giggling? Did Scarlett talk bad about me behind my back and ruin my glorious and great image? Knowing Scarlett’s personality, he thought it was highly possible.
  • “What did she say?” he asked on impulse.
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