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Chapter 64 Mysterious Bone Broth Detox Soup

  • As expected, men conquered the world while women ruled over the earth by conquering men. If Jesus were still alive, He probably wouldn’t be able to refuse Maya after seeing the pitiful look on her face either.
  • Even though Christopher was aware that agreeing to guest star in ‘Glutton God’ was not a rational decision, he still nodded at her.
  • “So you’ve agreed. This is great!” Maya shouted and jumped for joy upon getting his agreement.
  • “Thank you, Mr. Yard!” She gave her heartfelt thanks, but he could only force a smile in return.
  • She was overjoyed. The smile on her elegant and refined small face did not cease. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her and made her turn to Christopher. “Oh, by the way, may I ask if you have time tomorrow, Mr. Yard?”
  • Do I have time? He was taken aback at first, then he said, “I don’t think so because I still have to come to work tomorrow.”
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