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Chapter 60 Is This an Exhibition?

  • It didn’t even take an hour. Less than forty minutes after leaving, Christopher returned.
  • And he came back carrying something that looked like a hideous black sack.
  • All of a sudden, Hayden laughed, finding Christopher to be rather amusing. He thought Christopher was going to prepare some sort of secret weapon, but to his surprise, Christopher had brought back such an object.
  • Looking at Christopher with disdain, Hayden said, “Did you leave to collect garbage? That said, that profession is quite suitable for you. After the closure of The Serenade, it isn't a bad path for you to take.”
  • “Can you stop talking?" Christopher stared at Hayden, who looked like an idiot, then said, “Why do I feel like a moron is standing in front of me as soon as you speak?”
  • “A moron?" Hayden gave him a disdainful smile. “After the competition is over, we'll know who's the moron.”
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