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Chapter 57 Hypocritical Hayden

  • At this moment, Christopher reckoned he had a remarkable character for saying that it wouldn't affect his performance.
  • What was extremely rare was that Scarlett didn't oppose Christopher this time. Instead, the girl said, “You… Do well in today's competition. If you win, I-I won't go against you in the future.”
  • “Then, can I laugh in the back kitchen next time?” Christopher's face fell as he asked with a distressed expression on his face.
  • Now that he was in such a desperate situation, he wasn't aware of what state he was in that had caused him to say such things.
  • “That still isn't allowed!” Scarlett actually carefully considered Christopher's question before saying. “After you win the competition, I won't oppose you, but you must change your cynical ways!"
  • To not oppose Christopher was one thing, but there were certain things she needed to be persistent about.
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