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Chapter 55 The Unbelievable Function

  • Not knowing what to say, Christopher could only pick up the shredded pork with beancurd skin and place it into his mouth.
  • Obviously, the beancurd skin should only be added in when the dish is almost done. Some parts are still raw. Failed! Christopher commented in his mind. The shredded pork is fully cooked, but it’s overcooked and a little tough. So much effort was put into it, and yet, it’s a failure! It seems like not only was salt not added, but even certain seasonings, such as soy sauce and vinegar, weren’t added. Except for the bean flavor of the beancurd skin and the umami flavor from the shredded pork, there isn’t any other savoriness. It’s still a failure. The taste is average, and even the Knife Skills aren’t commendable. Forget the beancurd skin; even the shredded meat wasn’t cut properly; it’s still in chunks. A failed dish indeed.
  • If the full score of a dish was ten, Christopher could only give the shredded pork with beancurd skin in front of him a score of two. In fact, this was only because of his favoritism toward Samantha. If the dish was made by someone else, even one point would be considered too high.
  • Of course, Christopher wouldn’t say any of those things.
  • It was important for him to shower Samantha with praises and encouragement. Just when he was about to praise her dish, he froze.
  • “Hold on.” His expression changed, and he thought, This flavor…
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