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Chapter 54 Unusual Taste

  • Christopher’s phone vibrated, and the automated alert tone rang again coldly. “The Host has disregarded the prompt and operated the system in violation of the rules. The penalty system has been activated. 10,000 thumbs-up points deducted. Your current total thumbs-up points is 42,100.”
  • There’s even a penalty system? I’ve been deducted 10,000 points!
  • The f*ck!
  • Christopher immediately thought he was doomed.
  • For the love of God. Is this all a joke? 168 hours. That is seven full days! Does that mean I am not allowed to draw a lottery until a week later?
  • Oh, dear lord! Christopher felt defeated. Right now, he couldn’t afford the products in the online mall, nor was he able to draw any lottery. How could he even go against Hayden a week later?
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