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Chapter 53 To Hell With Your Limitations

  • “How about this?” Hayden said with confidence. “Since my new restaurant will open in a week, I will compete with this small line cook from The Serenade again during the opening ceremony. Hey, Ms. Sears and Christopher, don’t be cowards, and make sure you attend when the time comes!” He even let out a smirk after speaking.
  • In fact, Hayden’s tough attitude took Luna by surprise, but since they had come this far, there was no reason to take her words back, so she nodded and said loudly, “Of course!”
  • “That’s great!” Hayden let out a confident grin before he turned to the group of reporters. “When the time comes, please make sure all of you come too so that you can see how I will expose the true faces of these hypocritical people.”
  • After speaking, Hayden got up and left immediately.
  • Reporters were naturally a group of people who loved all things chaotic. Seeing that the two parties were actually preparing to solve this matter through a face-off, they were overjoyed, and it showed on their excited faces. They were not afraid that things would get worse—in fact, they wanted it to. That way, they would have more content to write, and more magazines sold!
  • All they could think about right now was how to heat things up and blow this out of proportions.
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