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Chapter 52 Compete Again

  • Line cook?
  • The reporters frowned in confusion upon hearing Christopher’s answer. How could an ordinary line cook be involved in this incident at all? It seems that there’s more to this situation.
  • However, without digging too much into Chrsitopher’s identity, the reporter continued to ask instead, “A while ago, Ms. Sears said that you were one of the parties involved in this incident. Could it be that Chef Woods’ dismissal actually had something to do with you after all?”
  • “Yes, indeed.” Christopher nodded in agreement.
  • “Why do you say so?” Hearing his answer, the reporters got excited and asked eagerly.
  • In fact, Christopher was still unsure of the ultimate goal of Hayden’s visitation to The Serenade today, but he didn’t feel burdened by it at all, so he told the reporters the truth of the incident while sparing no detail. As he did that, he explained earnestly and without any exaggerations—only the truth.
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