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Chapter 50 Parallel Universe Kitchen Appliance and Storage Pack

  • “So, can you finally pack up my clothes for me now?” Christopher walked toward the shopkeepers and asked.
  • “Oh, yes! Of course!”
  • At this point, the shopkeepers, who had previously looked down on Christopher, now hurriedly packed his clothes up for him—even the way they looked at him was also completely different.
  • “How much was it again? 260,000?”
  • Hearing Christopher’s question, Jane answered hurriedly, “Oh. No, sir. It’d be 110,000 only.” After all that, she dared not to use Rose’s price anymore and told him the actual price instead.
  • Without saying anything further, Christopher swiftly took his card out and entered this password to pay for the clothes that were worth 110,000.
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