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Chapter 49 Fire This Woman for Me

  • Speaking of this, Rose began speaking to Christopher again. “Hey, you jerk. We’ve already calculated it for you, and the total is 260,000! Don't tell me you can’t afford it!”
  • “260,000?” Samantha gasped as soon as she heard the amount before she immediately covered her mouth with her palm.
  • However, Christopher only kept a harmless and indifferent smile while walking toward the counter. When he took his card out to pay, as if he was reminded again of something, he suddenly asked, “How much does it cost to buy your store?”
  • His voice wasn’t too loud, but everyone in the store, including Samantha, heard him loud and clear.
  • He wants to buy the store? Rose thought she had heard him wrongly. Wow, I’ve seen my share of pretentious people, but this is my first time seeing someone as pretentious as this! It’s interesting how unhinged someone can get to say something like this, Rose thought to herself with a sneer. If Christopher was not wearing his normal outfit but a hospital gown, she would have thought that this man had come straight out of a mental hospital. What gave him the courage to think he can be so arrogant and act like he would be able to buy this store?
  • “Well, it seems like no one here is the decision maker.” Seeing how the group of salespeople remained silent, Christopher continued, “Then, I want to talk to someone who is. Where is your boss?” He looked grim and serious, causing everyone to look at each other nervously.
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