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Chapter 48 The Snarky Saleswoman

  • Christopher was fine with no sales person serving them, since it was more comfortable shopping for clothes with Samantha without anyone following them around.
  • Samantha stopped for a while almost every time she saw a beautiful piece of clothing, but she would end up shaking her head and leaving. Puzzled by her behavior, he asked, “What’s wrong? Do you not like them?”
  • She shook her head. “No. I kind of like them but they are too expensive. Chris, let’s just leave and go to another shop that sells more affordable clothes.”
  • Most women would choose expensive stuff when their boyfriends offered to get them a present, which made a girl like Samantha, who was unwilling to make purchases due to the high price tags, a rare gem. This side of her reflected the precious simplicity and pristine quality in her. Her thoughtfulness broke his heart.
  • “It’s fine. Just get whatever you like. You don’t need to help me to save money.”
  • “It’s alright!”
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