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Chapter 47 Eight Hundred Thousand?

  • Christopher inwardly reminded himself over and over again. Look at you—you look like a country bumpkin! How can you give in to the money and riches? Show them your backbone and tenacity that is unshakeable by poverty and power! You are a man with the Thumbs-Up System!
  • He tried his best to contain the excitement and after scanning the surroundings and not finding any further bids, he was going to agree to Mr. Zach’s bid.
  • However, at that moment, Declan, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly opened his mouth and uttered, “Hold on!”
  • After saying that, he seemed conflicted and hesitated for some time before he continued, “I’m willing to pay 800,000!”
  • Eight hundred thousand? Oh, my God! No words could describe Christopher’s feeling at that moment and he almost could not conceal the joy that swelled inside him.
  • The price just keeps getting higher and higher! And now, there is a sudden increase of 100,000? This group of pharmacy owners are really willing to pay for this!
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