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Chapter 46 Seven Hundred Thousand per Gram?

  • In all honesty, Christopher was slightly angry due to Jack’s condescending attitude toward him from before. However, since the latter had already apologized for his actions, Christopher would be considered petty if he were to refuse to forgive him. Hence, he nodded as an acknowledgement and acceptance of Jack’s apology.
  • “Since we have cleared the misunderstanding, young man, why don’t you…” Declan was trying all he could to procure Christopher’s wild ginseng.
  • “I am still not selling it!” Christopher stated firmly.
  • He’s still refusing to sell it? Declan was confused. If he isn’t planning on selling it, why did he bring that to Ancient Medic Street?
  • “Actually, it’s not that I am not planning on selling it.” Just when Declan looked rather flabbergasted, Christopher added, “I am just planning on selling it in a different method.”
  • “Selling it in a different method?” Declan cocked a brow at him. “What do you mean?”
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