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Chapter 45 Wild Ginseng Exceeding 200 Years Old

  • Christopher ignored the shop assistant; instead, he made his way directly to the front desk. “Excuse me; do you purchase ginseng here?” he asked after glancing at the young man who was dozing off at the front desk.
  • The man was in a stupor but Christopher’s question shocked him. He rubbed his eyes while glancing at the latter in annoyance. After that, he spat, “We do not take artificially cultivated ginseng, nor do we accept anything less than 20 years old. We only purchase old wild ginseng.”
  • Christopher was not deterred by the young man’s horrible attitude and he proceeded to open the wooden box before placing it on the counter. After that, he stated calmly, “I am selling old wild ginseng.”
  • The sudden fragrance woke the sleepy young man immediately. He looked surprised as he gave Christopher a once-over and he seemed shocked that a shabby-looking man, who looked as though he was from the streets, managed to present an old wild ginseng. With that thought, the young man looked into the box that was in Christopher’s hands.
  • However, after giving it a glance, his expression turned contemptuous.
  • “You call this old? Did you say that this is wild ginseng?” The young man mocked Christopher while staring at him incredulously.
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