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Chapter 44 Magical Seed

  • Furthermore, something had been bothering him. The total number of thumbs-up hasn’t increased drastically for a long time. During this period, my total thumbs-up has increased to 12,150 through my efforts by helping the elderly and the like. However, the sudden increase of 10,000 thumbs-up after rescuing someone with the Hippocrates Soup did not happen again.
  • Originally, I assumed that I would have been rewarded with some thumbs-up by getting Jake, Henry and William under legal jurisdiction. However, that seems to be far from the truth. Hence, this unexpected event rendered Christopher confused about the process of the Thumbs-Up System.
  • I know very well that I need to make use of the Thumbs-Up System if I wish to get stronger. I need to have lots of thumbs-up if I need help from the Thumbs-Up System. I may have exceeded five digits for my total thumbs-up right now, but I am still very far away from a huge and respectable figure.
  • Currently, I really have to solve the issue of procuring large numbers of thumbs-up in the shortest time. It would be great if more opportunities presented themselves for me to rescue somebody. However, it is not realistic to expect lots of chances for me to emerge as the hero. Well, one of the methods is to use the currency exchange—the exchange rate against the Dollar is 100:1 right now. Unfortunately, I am as poor as a church mouse, so this method isn’t right for me either.
  • August 1st was Christopher’s rest day and presently, he was spacing out while staring at the murky liquid in the plastic water bottle.
  • The liquid was the remnants from washing the pot after concocting the Hippocrates Soup. Christopher had proved that it was, in fact, extraordinary.
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