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Chapter 37 The Shameless William Townsend

  • After saying that, the man took a step forward and he reached out his hand in an attempt to hit Samantha. Frightened, Samantha hid behind Christopher.
  • “How dare you?” Christopher bellowed in fury and he abruptly caught the man’s hand.
  • The two of them were at a standstill. The middle-aged man’s wrist was caught in Christoper’s iron-clad grip, making it impossible for the former to do anything.
  • “Samantha, is he your father?” Ignoring the man who was glaring at him, Christopher asked Samantha, as if he had not heard the man addressing her as his daughter.
  • She nodded in silence.
  • “What does he want?” As a father, as well as Maryse’s husband, not only did he not come and take care of his critically ill wife, he made a lot of noise in the ward and even tried to hit his daughter. Christopher could not comprehend how a man like him could possibly exist in this world.
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