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Chapter 36 You Are Forbidden From Smiling!

  • In other words, after saving Samantha’s mother, the System rewarded him with 10,000 points. This meant that he was rich! In short, with the thumbs-up points in hand, there was nothing that he couldn’t do.
  • Although he had only had a few hours sleep last night, Christopher’s spirits were flying high now and he was exhilarated.
  • Humming a song, he arrived at The Serenade.
  • It was as if Scarlett had been staring at the entrance while waiting for Christopher’s arrival. The moment he stepped foot into The Serenade, she popped out from nowhere and said, “You are late!”
  • Am I late? He took out his phone and noticed that it was almost 11.00 AM, which proved that he was indeed late, so he replied, “Okay.”
  • Okay? Scarlett was pissed upon hearing that. What does he mean by ‘okay’? Is this the attitude he should display as an employee who has arrived at work late? How could he be so calm when he is late?
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