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Chapter 34 The Mythical Hippocrates Soup

  • The familiar interface of the system greeted him, and he saw that his points had accumulated to 1,100.
  • He needed a pick-me-up so he proceeded to click into the Lucky Draw System.
  • Upon clicking the start button, the Golden Wheel for the lucky draw began to spin.
  • Before long, the wheel came to a stop and an automated voice chimed in his head, “Congratulations to the Host! You have drawn the recipe for Hippocrates Soup, a Mythical Delicacy!”
  • Christopher blinked at the screen, slightly taken aback by his luck. He certainly hadn’t expected to land himself a prize in the ‘others’ category on his first spin of the Golden Wheel.
  • But what good is luck when it can’t even help Maryse recover from her condition?
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