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Chapter 32 Clear the Table

  • Bruce was taken aback by Christopher’s ability to play a strong game. It was as though the latter was a completely different person. However, surprised as he was, he was still confident that he could beat the other guy out in billiards. He would just have to wait for Christopher to slip up and miss a shot before he could step in and turn the odds in his favor.
  • Clear the table, eh? Christopher’s smile widened at these words. I happen to think I should. The average pool player—and even a professional one—might miss a shot, but there is no way that I would miss at all. How hard can it be to clear the table?
  • With that in mind, he proceeded to run the table, making shots in quick succession. It was almost as though he was free stroking, but his movements were calibrated and precise. The angles at which he made his cut shots were flawlessly deciphered and with every ball that he sank, the onlookers couldn’t help but be amazed.
  • He was taking this chance to rub salt into Bruce’s wounds—aiming for aggressive cut shots from the center string instead of easy, direct ones that could sink the balls closest to the pockets.
  • After three more consecutive long pots, the black eight-ball was the only one that remained on the table. If that ball was pocketed, then the game would come to a swift and decisive end.
  • Bruce stared wide-eyed at the cleared table and his mind drew a blank at what had just happened.
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