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Chapter 30 A Timely Help

  • In fact, it would have been better if she didn’t know how to play. If she had already known the game, how could he use the excuse of teaching her to play billiards to get to know her mentally and even physically?
  • Her not knowing how to play would leave him with a chance to display his skills.
  • There was a billiard room a few feet away, so they made their way over.
  • As soon as Christopher and Samantha entered the billiard room, the people inside seemed enchanted because everyone had their eyes on the couple. The people couldn’t be blamed, though, because she was indeed every man’s dream woman.
  • Other than being astonished at her beautiful face, they had the same question in their minds. Who is the guy next to her?
  • Who was the loser wearing cheap clothes?
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