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Chapter 28 His Request Was Accepted Just Like This?

  • By the time Luna sent Christopher to his destination, it was already slightly after 1:00AM. Apart from those who were operating food trucks that mainly sold supper, there weren’t many pedestrians left at the public housing estate at this time.
  • As soon as the rose-colored Porsche pulled over, it captured everyone’s attention. When she got out of the car, the way those people looked at her became even more direct—especially the men, for the flames in their eyes seemed to burn brighter than the summer sun.
  • While he also alighted from the passenger seat, those gazes were not as friendly as before when they saw him and he could sense strong feelings of envy from their stares.
  • “Sorry to trouble you, Ms. Sears. Thank you for sending me home at such a late hour,” Christopher expressed his gratitude, all the while not caring about how those pedestrians looked at him.
  • At that moment, Luna, who had been sulking earlier, seemed to have gotten over her anger. She returned to her bossy self as she did at the restaurant on normal days and calmly replied, “You don’t have to thank me. Compared with the things you did in the restaurant tonight, sending you home is nothing.” In fact, the words she said were from her heart. In a situation where even Scarlett didn’t know how to make the roasted tomato risotto, Christopher definitely accomplished a phenomenal achievement by reminding Mr. Moses of the risotto’s taste in his memory.
  • “They are two different things. Anyhow, I still have to thank you,” Christopher insisted.
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