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Chapter 26 How Thoughtful!

  • In the Imperial Room, Luna was now in high spirits as her gloomy mood had disappeared. When Christopher offered to make the risotto, she didn’t have much hope and just wanted to give it a shot as a last-ditch effort. It worked out unexpectedly and became a huge surprise for her.
  • She led him in with a smile and mentioned, “Allow me to make the introductions. Mr. Moses, this is the line cook who made the roasted tomato risotto. Christopher, this is Mr. Moses, who asked for the risotto. The risotto you made has absolutely blown him away and he asked me to bring you here to thank you in person!”
  • Mr. Moses had been waiting for Christopher for a long while, so he immediately stepped forward after Luna finished introducing them. He grabbed Christopher’s hand in excitement and shook it a few times vigorously, his emotions all over the place.
  • Needless to say, Christopher was stunned by Mr. Moses’s attitude. Isn’t it just a plate of risotto? Did Mr. Moses have to act like such?
  • “Ms. Sears.” Overwhelmed by Mr. Moses’ enthusiasm, Christopher cast a glance at Luna for help.
  • At once, she wore an alluring smile and closed the door while saying, “Mr. Moses! We could actually sit down and have a nice chat, couldn’t we? We have the night to ourselves after all.”
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