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Chapter 250 Fired After a Slight Disagreement

  • Naturally, Christopher could sense their disrespect toward him as soon as he arrived. Otherwise, when he arrived just now, these people wouldn’t not even greet him.
  • Of course, what was more important was the three people who had yet to arrive. Liliana had already told them to come half an hour earlier, but those three people still weren’t here, so they obviously had no regard for him whatsoever.
  • “Who are those three people? I want to understand the situation.” Christopher spoke faintly, then slightly narrowed his eyes at the three empty seats.
  • “One is the manager of the human resources department; one is the director of the marketing department; and the other is the manager of the marketing department. Together, the three of them have a total of 10.3% of the company’s shares, so they’re qualified to attend the board of directors meeting too. But, that isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is that these three people were all sent by the Kelley Family. After I took over Mr. Sandler’s company, I approached the Kelley Family in order to find a stable partner. In some of the important departments of our company, there are members of the Kelley Family. The Kelleys are also in charge of our most important marketing channels. This is the reason why those three people are so arrogant.”
  • When Liliana heard Christopher’s question, her expression turned into one of worry. At the end of the day, the Kelley Family was able to enter the company because of her. She didn’t expect that it would cause such a huge disaster today.
  • Brandon shook out his sleeves when he heard Liliana’s words, then snapped bitterly, “What? You handed all our marketing channels to the Kelley Family? Women! You all have long hair, but you’re all short-witted. That’s the backbone of the company, yet you just handed it over to someone else. What an idiot!” Looking at Liliana, he wanted nothing more than to kill the woman in front of him. She was just ruining his company.
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