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Chapter 249 Half an Hour

  • Right now, the tone Liliana was using was one that she seemed to have learned from Harold. Now that she was using it on Uriah, she felt like she had vented her anger. At this moment, she had made up her mind that he must be fired at once.
  • She couldn’t tolerate Uriah anymore. Even though he and Zion both looked rather handsome, it was useless. Otherwise, their hair wouldn’t be so white now. What would she want such useless things for?
  • “Uriah, you and Zion get the hell out of my company today. I don’t care what reasons you have to give. You don’t have to stay. You can notify Zion yourself.”
  • Liliana didn’t think twice about firing Uriah. Otherwise, it would be hard to give Christopher an explanation.
  • “Didn’t he say that the police are coming over? If that’s the case, maybe I’ll have to stay in the police station later. Chairman Queen, I wonder if this matter will delay the signing of our agreement.” The blunt words left Christopher’s mouth.
  • When Liliana heard this, sweat beaded her forehead, and there was a bitter look on her face. It felt like there were a million ants crawling in her heart, and she was inwardly cursing Uriah like there was no tomorrow.
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