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Chapter 247 Reason It Out With My Fist

  • As soon as the two bodyguards heard what Christopher said, they had a sneer on their faces, and the corners of their lips curled upwards. “Young man, are you in your right mind? Who are you to think you could expel us from our jobs?”
  • “Haha. I think he’s gone mad. Does he not know who our Finance Manager and R&D Director are? They are the closest to Chairman Queen, and you want to chase us away? Is your position higher than Chairman Queen’s?”
  • The other security guard immediately agreed with the other, then continued to mock Christopher.
  • Brandon, who was next to him, could not bear it any longer, and when he was about to step forward and explain everything, Christopher stopped him and said nonchalantly, “Where is Chairman Queen? I’d really like to know what she has to say.”
  • “What makes you think we will do as you say? Huh? Dumba*s! What a joke!”
  • As the two guards saw Christopher speaking, their mocks grew more intense. They looked down on Christopher as if he were a fool, full of humiliation.
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