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Chapter 246 You Two Are Fired

  • Christopher nodded while listening to Brandon. Since he really didn’t know much about these things previously, Christopher mentally noted down everything that Brandon had said quickly so that he wouldn’t forget them.
  • Brentwood City’s Art and Craft Limited Company was a medium-sized company at best—its original market value was 10 billion. However, the market value must have dropped while Liliana was in charge of the company.
  • In this building, only fifteen floors were owned by the company. This showed that the company was not doing well at all compared to Dune Enterprise or companies owned by Harold; those groups would usually own the entire office buildings.
  • The two entered the company and did not hesitate. As they were about to go straight to the 15th floor that Brandon mentioned, a slightly sarcastic voice rang from behind them.
  • "Hey, isn't this the old Chairman Sandler? Why does he still have the face to come here now? How shameless. If I were him, I would have left the company a long time ago. Where did he even find the courage to come here? Tsk, tsk, tsk…”
  • “I know, right? What are you looking at me for? Do you still think you can control me now? Damn, the sight of your face sickens me! How dare you come up here! I will get the security to throw you out right now. If I were you, I’d just leave right now before sh*t gets worse.”
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