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Chapter 244 Chase Them Away

  • When these people saw Christopher, it was as if they saw gold—their eyes glimmered, and they ran over, standing on each of his sides.
  • The men stood on one side, and the women on the other; they were properly separated.
  • Seeing that, Christopher and Madilyn glanced at each other with bewilderment in their eyes—even the man that disliked the Thumbs-Up Restaurant previously came back here so quickly.
  • As these people ran over, complaints still hung on their mouths.
  • “For God’s sake. 100 dollars for an Instantly Handsome Pie and Beauty Soup that doesn’t work? Which dumb*ss said that the effect was pretty much the same as the Thumbs-Up Restaurant? Show yourself, and I promise I won’t kill you.”
  • “And their All-Cure Soda! Cure all diseases, my *ss. I have a cold today and heard that there was such a miraculous thing, so I went to take a look at it. Just when I thought I was feeling better, my bloody cold got even worse. Damn!”
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