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Chapter 241 The Troublemakers

  • Upon hearing Christopher’s statement, a scornful look appeared on Big-Ear’s face, and the coldness in his eyes intensified. “Scoundrel, do you really think just anyone can beat me up?” After saying that, Big-Ear gripped the black iron rod and continued, “These are just a fraction of my people. When my brother comes, you’ll suffer.”
  • Christopher frowned. These dozens of people didn’t look like ordinary thugs. The motorcycles, the outfits, and their 50-centimeter-long iron rod showed that they were obviously trained.
  • Christopher didn’t respond, but he still looked calm and composed as he cast a look at Big-Ear. He walked out of Thumbs-Up Restaurant, then walked slowly toward Big-Ear.
  • When the people around Big-Ear saw that Christopher had the guts to walk toward them alone, a touch of astonishment crossed their features, but it was quickly turned into a mocking expression.
  • “What a reckless punk. He’s gonna fight us without a weapon!”
  • “How ignorant. A dozen of us combined isn’t something ordinary people can defeat.”
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