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Chapter 240 A Competitor

  • “Their items are sold at 100 each! For example, the soup is 100, and even the buns and dumplings are 100 each, which is dozens of times more expensive than ordinary buns!” Jules and Frances exclaimed at the same time upon hearing Christopher’s question.
  • Christopher immediately shook his head. They sold everything for 100, and even the buns were 100 each. Needless to say, the restaurant on the opposite side was very bold—even bolder than Christopher.
  • His Beauty Soup and Instantly Handsome Pie were genuine goods sold at a fair price. They were obtained from the Thumbs-Up System for 150,000 points, which could actually make men and women more good-looking.
  • Just based on Frances’ statements alone, Christopher knew that the Super Thumbs-Up Restaurant wasn’t as impressive as they appeared. They must have been able to steal so many customers from his restaurant because of their prices!
  • After listening to Jules and Frances’ exclaims, not only was Christopher not angry, there was even a faint smile on his face. He then walked up to Madilyn and said, “Madilyn, make a store announcement. Tomorrow, the prices of the Beauty Soup and the Instantly Handsome Pie will be increased by another 1,000, so today is the last day on which the price is 1,000!”
  • Ever since Christopher helped settle Madilyn’s father’s medical expenses, her father’s condition had stabilized. Yesterday, Christopher asked her to take a day off, but she still came to work today.
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