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Chapter 24 Hold On! Hold On Just a Minute!

  • Cut open the tomatoes, season them, and put them in the oven to roast. Mince the shallots and sauté the rice in a pan with butter and the shallots. For good measure, Scarlett even added a pinch of salt. It didn’t take long for a serving of appetizing, lightly fragrant risotto to emerge. For her, risotto was not a complicated dish to make.
  • “Luna, please have Mr. Moses try this bowl of risotto. If it doesn’t taste right, I shall make it again,” she told Luna after plating the risotto in a delicate porcelain bowl.
  • Luna hummed and nodded.
  • With that, she took the bowl and left.
  • While the first bowl of risotto was made, Scarlett’s business with Christopher had yet to conclude.
  • With an angry expression on her face, she stalked over to him and demanded, “What were you looking at just now?”
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