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Chapter 239 How Much Are the Items?

  • At this moment, Liliana dared not say anything else. As long as she could reduce the duration of her stay in prison for a few years, she would be thankful. Right now, she had no intentions of bargaining at all.
  • Now that she had a little understanding of Christopher, Liliana knew that he was a person who must get his revenge, and when he got his revenge, he would make the other party suffer more than twice as much pain.
  • At this point, Liliana and Callum had gotten a heavy taste of his vengeance.
  • After Christopher nodded in response to Liliana’s promise, she walked out, feeling overjoyed.
  • Watching as Liliana hurried out, a sneer appeared at the corner of Christopher’s lips. Tim, do you really think I’d forgotten about it? How dare you have someone handcuff me and even use their electric prods on me! I had to bear the pain of a 40,000-volt-high shock. If I don’t get you to pay a bitter price for that, I wouldn’t be called Christopher Yard!
  • Just as Christopher was about to walk out of the office, Scarlett, who was next to him, suddenly fixed him with a strange glance and muttered, “An improper video? Is it a s*x tape?”
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