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Chapter 237 A Plea From Two People

  • Christopher could see that the onlookers were pointing in a particular direction while some people sighed. After he pushed the crowd away and saw two familiar figures, his expression turned awkward in an instant.
  • There was a woman with heavy make-up and she was clad in expensive clothes. The blue top she wore had perfectly outlined her curvy figure. Unfortunately, her knees had swollen from a long time of kneeling.
  • Beside the woman was a bespectacled man clad in a green T-shirt who kept bowing his head on the ground. His forehead had reddened and it’d probably swell if he maintained his actions.
  • Nevertheless, both of them uttered the same thing. “Please tell Mr. Yard to let us off! We’re so sorry. We’ll never do that again. We’ve been kneeling here since 7:00AM. Please tell Mr. Yard to help us!”
  • Upon hearing that, Christopher frowned. The onlookers might not know who these two folks were, but he could never forget them. The woman was Liliana Queen whereas the man was Callum Allen. Yesterday, Harold and Andy must have done something to force them to do this. Otherwise, Liliana would still be snuggling up to Jim Baxter while thinking how to destroy me.
  • She had been accused of tax evasion. If her crime was reported to the law enforcement, she’d not be able to get away with it as the evidence of her crime was obvious. She’d probably be thrown behind bars for a few years.
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