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Chapter 233 Mind Space Storage

  • Just then, the silver knife that was originally in front of him suddenly split into two right after being enveloped by the flash of gold light. Right away, another knife materialized on top of the chopping board. On top of the other knife, there were gold shimmers surrounding it and it finally dissipated after quite some time, allowing Christopher to take a good look at the knife. Both of the knives looked exactly the same, be it the water droplets left on the knife or the scratch marks from before; there was no difference at all and furthermore, even the slight whitish reflection on top of both knives had the exact same intensity.
  • “Quantity unspecified by the Host, so one copy made by default.” Just as Christopher looked on in amazement, suddenly, the mechanical voice rang out once again in his mind.
  • He nodded his head and was just about to make another copy, so he gave out the instruction to the Master-controlled Copier in his mind but then the machine stopped working. At that moment, he was caught by surprise. However, he quickly realized that the copier could only be used once per day and the quantity had to be less than ten. As such, it was impossible for him to make another copy today.
  • He held up the duplicate knife and tried to slice some vegetables with it. Right away, he realized that it was a success and even the sound of the knife pounding against the chopping board sounded exactly the same as the master knife.
  • At this instance, Christopher was completely convinced by the Master-controlled Copier. With this thought in his mind, he bit on his finger and some bright-red blood trickled out of his finger just then.
  • Next, he immediately placed a drop of blood on the ordinary-looking Master-controlled Copier and he realized that the drop of blood integrated with the copier and disappeared. He nodded approvingly as he thought, Looks like this machine is quite extraordinary. It’s like an enchanted tool that recognizes its master after blood gets integrated into it.
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