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Chapter 230 The Kelley Family

  • “The person who took Callum in belongs to a tiny firm with a background unidentifiable to most people. However, after my men looked into it, we discovered that the people behind them are the Kelley Family.” Harold’s voice rang in Christopher’s phone as soon as the latter answered the call.
  • Upon hearing that, Christopher frowned. It appeared that this matter was not simple. The Kelley Family knows about my relationship with Andy yet they refused to give up, which indicates that there may be someone supporting them.
  • “Okay, I understand. President Myers, Callum has always been very arrogant, so I bet that he must have some misdeeds that he had been keeping in the dark. I’ll have to trouble you to look into it since I’ve declared that I will be sure to send him to jail.”
  • Then, he hung up the call. He cast a glance at Jefferey beside him and an adamant expression appeared on his face. I never offend someone if I’m not provoked. Since Callum has a death wish, I don’t mind playing with him for a while.
  • In fact, Christopher had made himself very clear, so he would not let Callum go even if the latter had been a good citizen who abided by the law.
  • “Divine Doctor Yard, Andy is going to start to take action on Lilian’s company. I’ve made a copy of all the evidence that shows that Lilian has been evading taxes and sent them to Andy; he will know what to do when the time comes.”
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