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Chapter 229 Noah in Action

  • When Christopher was caught, Jefferey immediately informed Noah without any hesitation despite knowing that he might be scolded again, and Noah, who was having a meeting at that time, was enraged when he heard that Christopher had been arrested by Jim without a reason.
  • As the Director of the Department of Public Security of Brentwood City, his Deputy Director actually arrested his daughter’s savior right under his nose for the sake of a woman—his act was no different from slapping him in his face.
  • If Christopher had committed a crime, he would have nothing to say about it. However, according to Jefferey and Harold, Christopher had been arrested although he had done nothing wrong, which was exactly why Noah couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.
  • Therefore, upon hearing this news, he couldn’t hold back himself and immediately ended the meeting before rushing toward the police station where Walter was, as he was clear about the relationship between Walter and Jim.
  • After Jim had caught Christopher, the place that he most likely would go would probably be Walter’s territory; he reckoned that the police force that Jim had used at that time belonged to Walter as well.
  • In order to head over to rescue Christopher, Noah drove his car at the maximum speed allowed on the highway, and he even went way beyond that when there was no car around. Thus, he was able to reach the place where Walter was in time.
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