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Chapter 228 You Have Quite the Nerve!

  • At this moment, even Harold wasn’t as anxious as Jefferey. He finally understood why Jim Baxter didn’t ask him to arrest Christopher—they must have known a little bit about Harold’s relationship with Christopher.
  • Because of that, they asked the police from the other districts to take Christopher away. If Harold’s subordinates hadn’t discovered it, he might still be in the dark, completely clueless.
  • All of these incidents were making Jefferey more and more furious. Jim, as the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Security of Brentwood City, actually dared to do such a thing. If Noah found out about it, things certainly wouldn’t end well for him.
  • As he mulled over this, Jefferey’s pace suddenly quickened…
  • ......
  • Christopher, who was in the police car at this moment, didn’t say anything, and it was only natural that he didn’t protest either. At this moment, he had probably figured out that these policemen were likely not under Jefferey’s command. Otherwise, he wouldn’t not know even a single one of them.
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