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Chapter 227 Yes! Of Course!

  • The police officers moved with agility. After stuffing Christopher into the police car, they drove away immediately without even turning on the sirens, so hardly anyone saw what happened.
  • However, the photo of Christopher as the dean had been taken, and Harold had already sent the photo to everyone in the hospital to let them know that Christopher was Crest Hospital’s new dean.
  • When a nurse saw Christopher being taken away, there was a look of shock on her face as she panicked and dialed the number of the head nurse under her jurisdiction.
  • Upon being informed of the news, the nurse hurriedly called John despite her suspicions. John shuddered when he heard the news and notified Harold without the slightest hesitation.
  • “What? Did you say that Divine Doctor Yard was arrested? What’s the matter with these policemen?”
  • Hearing John’s report, Harold fiercely slapped the table with his right hand. He had just parted ways with Christopher, yet the latter had encountered such an incident, and it even happened outside his hospital.
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