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Chapter 225 It Was as If We Were Close to Each Other

  • As soon as Winston heard Christopher’s words, his bright smiling face turned gloomy. Immediately, he said coldly, “Who are you? Chloe is someone that can’t be pursued by simply anyone. Do you even know who she is?”
  • Winston sneered while looking at the man in ragged clothes. How dare he claim that he loves Chloe too! Who the hell does he think he is?
  • Upon hearing this, Christopher was taken aback, feeling a little helpless. Honestly, I really don’t know who Chloe is. I only know that when I first visited her house, I saw a very expensive villa, which was worth a few millions or more.
  • However, since he had already begun pretending, Christopher naturally had to go with it. “Mr. Winston, I don’t want to say anything more—no matter who Chloe is, it’s enough that she loves me, and I love her.”
  • Chloe, who was next to him, heard Christopher’s words, and the shade of pink on her face suddenly turned into the color of a ripe apple, which made Christopher stand frozen for a while, wondering if he had overplayed this.
  • “Since you don’t know who Chloe is, I will tell you who I am instead. I am Winston of the Kelley family, and the head chef of Caesar Palace in Brentwood City is my brother. Our family is involved in many industries. What about you? What can you do? What background did you come from? You don't even have the qualifications to lick our family’s a*s, yet you still want to pursue Chloe. Do you think Chloe’s dad will agree to this? What a joke! Okay. Now that I’ve finished talking about my identity with you, then I will tell you about Chloe’s. Chloe is—”
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