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Chapter 223 You Are The First!

  • Since Kevin had said so, Christopher would naturally not refuse his offer. After chatting with Kevin for a while longer, they ended the call. However, it was at this exact moment that Christopher saw a news article, whereupon his face turned gloomy in an instant.
  • The headline of the news article said, ‘Poisonous Food in an Unscrupulous Restaurant Caused Customers to Fall Into Convulsions and Foam at the Mouth After Eating’.
  • Attached with the headline was a photo of The Serenade, and also pictures of Hansel and the man beside him who pretended to be dead yesterday—there was even a video clip attached in the news article.
  • Christopher watched the video and found out that it was taken before the two were exposed, so the people right beside them were still constantly criticizing the restaurant. This, along with the other attached photos, made the news look real.
  • Once he was done going through everything, Christopher squinted his eyes into a line while a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes. If it was to say that what Hansel did previously annoyed Christopher, then what he did this time had completely pissed Christopher off.
  • This was obviously fake news, and it had even been exposed, yet the news reporter actually managed to get it aired; this would definitely affect The Serenade’s business.
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