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Chapter 221 Whatever You Say, Divine Doctor Yard!

  • After all, good doctors were very difficult to hire, not to mention a Divine Doctor! Just like Lohan, it did him no good at all by angering Christopher, and right now, he was just looking for trouble himself. Whether Christopher would treat Zander’s father was not a certain matter yet.
  • After hearing what Zander said, Harold cruelly kicked Zander before he walked to Christopher and pleaded, “Divine Doctor Yard, it’s no excuse that these two useless pieces of sh*t offended you, but their father is innocent after all. Could you please have some mercy on that old man and save him?”
  • What Harold said didn’t mean he cared whether the old man lived or died; it truly didn’t matter to him—he was only thinking about the hospital’s reputation. Since he was here, should he show that he didn’t care about the old man and word about it got out, it would be inevitable for people to comment that the hospital was irresponsible for their patients, and this was not at all conducive to the hospital’s operation.
  • More importantly, if possible, Harold would like to portray his reputation as someone who had a positive image and also someone who cared for his patients. Sometimes, a good image could also be a great marketing tool.
  • With Harold’s plea, Christopher took a glance at the pair of siblings. There wasn’t the slightest fluctuation in expression on his face as he said, “Okay. But do know this—I’m only taking this case because of President Myers. I am only trying to save a patient from Crest Hospital, not your father.”
  • Naturally, Christopher knew that since he was now the dean of the hospital, if he did not choose to save a patient at this time, he would be criticized by others. Especially right now, he definitely needed others to praise him more than slander him.
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