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Chapter 220 Are You Blind?

  • Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing Harold’s words. The slap was really hard and cruel.
  • Still unable to grasp the situation, Liliana covered her face with her right hand while standing up from the ground with a trembling body and said, “President Myers, d-did you just hit me?”
  • Harold, who had just learned everything from John, snorted coldly, “Let’s not mention the fact that Divine Doctor Yard is here to treat your father. Right now, even if he hit you, stripped you, and told you to kneel down, you’d have to do as he said! Honestly, who do you think you are? Even I have to spare him face. And you, a mere woman, dared to ridicule him publicly and even said you would get someone to arrest him! And your brother said he should kneel down? How dare you! Did you think that Brentwood City’s Art and Craft Limited Company is so powerful now that you no longer need my help? Do you think you are ready to spread your wings and fly?”
  • A flurry of words shot out of Harold’s mouth, sending Liliana, who was next to him, into a shiver, not daring to say a word in return.
  • Although at this moment, Liliana couldn’t wrap her head around why Harold defended and protected Christopher so much, she did know that Christopher was someone she could not provoke at all. At least she knew that in this hospital, she definitely could not afford to challenge Christopher at all.
  • Zander, who was next to Liliana, was also shivering. He knew deep down that the reason why his sister’s Art and Craft Limited Company was able to do so well in Brentwood for so long was entirely because of Harold’s backing.
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