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Chapter 219 Did You Think He Is Someone You Can Provoke?

  • However, when Christopher was about to leave, the siblings from the Queens family next to him immediately stepped forward to stop him, and the following arrogant words were said. “Dean Yard, as long as you can heal our father’s illness, I will move past the fact that you killed my dog—I will even pay you for your services. How does that sound?”
  • "Yeah, Dean Yard. As long as you cure my father, I’ll let go of the fact that you hit me before, too. Besides, I will even get President Myers to reward you accordingly. By then, you will definitely be the one to gain the most out of this!”
  • They said proudly and looked at him with sparkling eyes and a huge smile on their faces as they hurriedly stepped forward.
  • Christopher, who heard what they said, showed a slight astonishment on his face before squinting his eyes. He looked at them as if he was looking at a bunch of fools.
  • “Dumba*ses.”
  • Christopher turned his head and glanced at them faintly. With that, he turned and left without hesitation while John hurriedly followed closely.
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