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Chapter 217 If Your Skills Are Not Good Enough, Then Please Keep Your Mouth Shut

  • As soon as this thought crossed his mind, John’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly pulled Christopher by his arm and said, “Dean, please calm down. This pair of siblings from the Queen family don’t know how to behave. It’d be their loss if no one saved their father in the end, so don’t use up your energy on being angry.”
  • Hearing that, Christopher didn’t even turn his head back to look at them. Instead, he only said coldly, “I’ve already said everything that I wanted to. It seems that the so-called Mr. Lohan in Brentwood City is famous for no reason—he can’t treat or save anyone.”
  • With that, Christopher shook off John’s hand from his sleeves and turned to leave. However, right then, two nurses pushing a treatment cart hurriedly were seen from a distance.
  • “Mr. Myers, Dean, there is a patient here who is also experiencing a bronchial asthma attack. It seems to be pretty serious—I believe he should be treated immediately. Otherwise, I am afraid that it could be fatal.”
  • One of the nurses hurriedly said to John and Christopher as soon as she saw the both of them—her face also showed urgency.
  • Looking at the urgency of the situation, John seemed to have thought of something before he excitedly looked at Christopher next to him. “Dean, please help this patient instead. I know the siblings from the Queen family are abominable, but this patient is innocent. Please save this poor man.” Looking at the critically ill patient next to him, John said hurriedly.
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