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Chapter 215 Might as Well Save a Life

  • Hearing the voice, Christopher looked toward the person inside the car. However, due to the front window blocking and a little refraction from the sunlight, Christopher couldn’t see him clearly, but he had a feeling he was an older person.
  • “Spat!”
  • After Zander said that, he immediately spat at Christopher’s side, expressing his disdain. Then, he opened the door of the Porsche 911 and started the engine.
  • Naturally, Christopher didn’t want to bother about the so-called vice president. He had met two people with the surname Queen today and yesterday. Both of them had made him extremely upset, so it seemed like he wasn’t compatible with people whose surnames were Queen.
  • Christopher drove the Ferrari all the way to Crest Hospital, but what surprised him was that Zander was driving toward Crest Hospital as well.
  • Christopher figured he must know a patient there. Frowning, he didn’t think much about it anymore. Soon, his Ferrari pulled up to the side of Crest Hospital. After locking the car, Christopher contacted John.
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