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Chapter 211 Are You F*cking Deaf?

  • “Kid, you’re dead meat. Liam usually handles business with the vice captain of the police station, Ronald, so his status there isn’t low. If he comes, you won't even have time to cry. If you beg me for mercy now, then I can intercede for you when the time comes so that you suffer a little less. Also, you’re quite handsome, aren’t you? If you don’t obey, it’ll be difficult to get rid of the anger inside me even if you kneel on the ground and beg for your life. I’ll make sure you never leave the police station.”
  • Liliana talked non-stop after asking the handsome man to call Liam over. As she threatened and tempted Christopher, her expression grew increasingly smug.
  • The look on Christopher’s face, on the other hand, was a little cold. This woman seemed great at playing with politics. It was no wonder she was able to be a chairman at this age. She even liked having kept men, so it seemed like she didn’t lead a discreet life.
  • “Liliana, right? I’ll tell you one more time. If you apologize to Samantha now and get lost, I’ll treat it as if this matter didn’t happen. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not going easy on you,” Christopher said indifferently as he stood in front of Samantha to protect her. The expression on his face was particularly stony.
  • When Liliana heard Christopher say that, she burst into laughter, as if she had just heard something ridiculous.
  • “Oh, I’m cracking up. Look at the tattered clothes you’re wearing that probably only cost 10 dollars. You actually want to argue with me? I know Liam, and I’m a dignified chairman! The market value of my company is 800 million!”
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