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Chapter 208 Deputy Director of the Complaints Department

  • Patrick only faintly responded to Hansel’s greeting. He was called here by Hansel in the first place. In fact, he had already agreed with Hansel previously that if he stepped forward and helped Hansel succeed in blackmailing The Serenade, he would get the half of the settlement amount. And that was exactly why Patrick, a Deputy Director of the Complaints Department, would come by so quickly.
  • If it wasn’t for this, with my status, why would I even come down here? Who am I? I am the Deputy Director, for God’s sakes, and I would not be so easily called to places. If it weren’t for the money, dream on! As soon as this thought crossed his mind, the corner of Patrick’s mouth curved into a slight smile.
  • However, Patrick’s smile didn’t last for long. When he saw Christopher, his smile immediately froze and disappeared without a trace. Without much thought, he took out his phone to look for a photo at once.
  • The minute he saw the photo on his phone, panic took over his previously smug face. His palm was sweaty, and he almost lost grip on his phone.
  • Isn't this Christopher Yard? Patrick thought to himself nervously. As a matter of fact, Brian Hughes, the former deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, had once told him that there was a person who had a very good relationship with Director Turner. Although he was not an official, he must not be provoked; otherwise, whoever that provoked him would be in huge trouble.
  • Patrick recalled when he first heard of this man from Brian, he immediately shuddered at the thought of it—someone who was close to Director Turner was someone that he should take note of, so he immediately asked Brian for a picture of Christopher to memorize his look.
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