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Chapter 202 The Private Room Is Occupied

  • Once Christopher and Harold arrived at the five-star hotel, Harold parked his Aston Martin in a nearby parking lot, and the two walked toward that five-star hotel called Sheraton Hotel.
  • “Divine Doctor Yard, I’ll make arrangements for the place we’re going to eat at later. This five-star hotel also belongs to me. Usually, a reservation is needed for a good private room, but that doesn’t apply to me.”
  • After that, the two made their way to the front desk. Harold knew the best private room here because he would come here to dine from time to time. He had asked the general manager of the hotel to specially leave one of the private rooms empty.
  • In other words, that private room was not normally open to customers. They only let customers in if the restaurant was overcrowded. Otherwise, the room usually stayed shut.
  • Christopher waited at the side. Since Harold was the owner of this hotel, he assumed that there wasn’t going to be a problem, but a moment later, he heard Harold’s furious voice.
  • “What did you say? Someone already booked Senna, the private room?”
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