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Chapter 201 The Help of the Dune Family

  • “Yes, Chris. My father’s health is more important than anything else to me. It’s not something money can compare to. If you ever need anything, do tell us. I will definitely help you out.” Andy smiled and did not hesitate to offer. Since his father had offered first, he figured it would make his father unhappy if he hesitated now.
  • More importantly, he agreed with his father. Christopher’s medical skills put him at a loss for words, and he also saw how exceptional Christopher’s Culinary Skills were earlier.
  • Additionally, Andy had the same intent as Harold. If he were to develop a terrible illness in the future, he could ask Christopher for help. To people in these big families, a good doctor was extremely important.
  • They needed to be healthy to make use of their wealth. Without their lives, even if they had an abundance of wealth, they could only bring it with them in their coffins at most.
  • At this moment, a thought struck Christopher and made his eyes light up. “Old Mr. Dune, President Dune, since you’ve offered, I won’t hold back either. I’ve been planning to operate my restaurant these days. I already found someone suitable, but I’m being hindered by this company. So…”
  • “What? Chris, tell me which company and who it is. Even though our family is not very involved in the food and beverage industry, we can still deal with a company if we want to.”
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