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Chapter 200 Nano Needle

  • Luke, if you really want to beg me, you can do it yourself. Don’t you think it looks rather bad on you for asking a woman to come and beg me? Is that what a man should do? Nevertheless, even if you begged me, whether I accept it or not is another issue. I don’t have to agree to help you just because you begged me to.
  • Maya was also at a loss for words upon hearing Christopher’s response. Letting out a sigh, she thought to herself, That is true. Even if he has exceptional culinary skills, he is no more than someone the Dunes hired. How could he interfere in the Dunes and Kelleys’ matter?
  • At the thought of that, she looked at Luke beside her and shook her head helplessly. “It won’t work, Luke. Christopher is just an outsider…”
  • Luke had forced a bitter smile when he heard Christopher. At the end of the day, Maya was still too young and couldn’t understand some things. If Christopher had really helped Andy beg for mercy, the latter might still agree to work on this collaboration project.
  • The position Christopher held in the Dune Family had risen up to a height that Luke couldn’t be more clear with. He was powerful enough to shake the entire Kelley Family; just imagine the power his words held in the Dune Family.
  • Luke didn’t know what else to say now and only felt a deep sense of regret. At the moment, the Kelley Family was forced into a situation that couldn’t be reversed all because he had offended Christopher. If he were given another chance, he would’ve undoubtedly admitted defeat in front of Christopher and begged for his help. In that case, the project would’ve been set by now.
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